Thursday, May 27, 2010

Declutter my life - part 2c

Bye bye, coffee table

In the previous post, I talked about luck and taking action. Harsh decisions can help you, when you are in doubt. I apply these techniques myself, so I'm not just talking about something I bearly know anything about. I know what I'm talking about and I only give information that's been useful to me too.

That's why I took my decluttering and simplifying another small step forward, by deciding to get red of that coffee table I was talking about. Another item I'm no longer bound to. And it feels great. And what a space saver this is.

Why do I get rid of it?

It's a good coffee table, good quality and it's in perfect condition. But I still live with my parents, so I'm only keeping it for when I move out. This could take a couple more years (especially when you look at the prices of houses). A couple of years is a long time. A lot of things can happen during that time. New coffee tables can emerge at any time, other ideas or replacements can cross my mind, aliens can take over our planet... or the world can go up in smoke. Anything is possible. Anything can happen. So why hold on to this coffee table? I'll find another one if I ever need it.
Case closed.

I'm now another step closer to being able to live out of my car.