Thursday, May 27, 2010

How taking action can make you successful

Don't think, act

Did you ever feel like doing something, but you weren't sure about it. And because of those doubts, did you ever waited to long, thought about doing something for too long, so in the end nothing happened? I bet you did.

Some examples have been given on this blog before. When you try to declutter your place, it's somethimes hard to find a reason to get rid of something. And then you think about it for too long and several months later, the specific item is still there, taking up space, not being used at all...

But after those months, you can try again and get rid of it anyway. There are, however, situations where such a lack of determination or decisive power can result in failure that can never be retried. Some events in life only give you 1 chance. Just think about talking to a girl meet once, that you like. If you don't talk to her on the moment you see her, you may never see her again. Thus, you loose the chance of talking to her... perhaps forever.

Harsh decisions

To be successful in life (or love, for that matter), you need to take action. If you don't do it, it doesn't get done. That's how simple it is. And when in doubt, you need to take harsh decisions. That's how you can overcome your doubts. You shut down your brain for a couple of seconds, you stop thinking so hard. In fact, you stop thinking about what you're thinking. You simplify your decisions and become logical.
You ask yourself some questions: What do you want to do? What does this require?
And then you act accordingly, completely on autopilot.


When you want something done, or you want to achieve something, nothing ever happens by itself. You'll see no progress if you don't take the appropriate actions. And because of that, people are prone to blame other peoples success on luck. They succeed (quicker), where you don't. Why blame it on the fact that they took the appropriate action, when it's easier to blame it on luck? I have done that too. But then I learnt something important...

Luck does not belong to 1 person. It is everywhere, flying around us. It's there for the taking. All you have to do, is set up receptors or traps, so some of that luck will fall into your hands.

Allow me to clarify this with some examples...

Lucky - example 1

If some strange person throws money at you, but you don't pick it up... what happens? People around you will jump at the money and pick it up for themselves. Are those people lucky to get that money? No more than you. The luck part was, that they where at the place, where someone threw money. You where there too, so they are no luckier than you.

Is this luck? Yes. How can you get this luck by taking action? Go outside. This increases your chances to meeting someone who'll just give you money. That strange person is there, independent of whether you are there or not. By going outside, you increased your chances of experiencing that event of him throwing money at you. You put yourself open to receive that luck. Why do they get it? They took even more action, by grabbing the money. Action will get you results. The more action you take, the better the results.

Lucky - example 2

I'll give a better example, more in line with the previous posts.
If you want to be successful in decluttering your place, you need to get rid of stuff. Not thinking about getting rid of stuff, but actually doing it. If you come across an item of which you are not sure to get rid of, you might put it in an 'undecided' box. So what happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The item will remain their until you take action.

If you do take action and decide to get rid of it, you gain space and become emotionally free of that item. But you also put yourself open to lucky events:
  • you might get a lot of money for it, if you sell it
  • you might be able to trade it for something you really needed
  • by getting rid of it, you might find an item that you lost, long ago, that was laying under it or behind it
  • ...
Anything is possible, taking action activates a chain of events. Some of those events might be related to the luck that's flying around us.

Lucky - example 3

If you want to have a girlfriend, you need to talk to girls. You can't wait for some girl to miraculously appear in front of you, we don't live in a fantasy world. There are 6 billion+ people in the world. Half of them are female, so that makes 1 billion women that might like you (raw estimate of girls you can date, both legally and morally). But guess what? Almost none of them will come to you and tell you they like you, even if that's the case. To be able to find out if a girl is right for you, you need to take the appropriate action. You need to go to them and talk.

People who do that, can find out that either a girl is right for them or not. If they are, they might end up together. For those who don't take action, it looks like people with girlfriends where lucky to get the girl. No. They took action.

For someone who's really shy, this too can be a harsh decision. To stop thinking too much and actually talk to girls, it requires you to change your mentality and do something you don't do everyday (if you're really shy). But you accept and open up to girls, which improves your chances of finding the love of your life. Love is not luck, but if you want it, you can handle it the same way.

It starts with a plan

To become successful, you need a plan. Following this plan, will get you where you want to be. It's not luck that happens to come your way, it's taking action. Here's what you can do, to let luck come your way:

  1. Find out what you want
  2. Find out when you want it
  3. Think about way to get what you want, write it all down
  4. Break it down in little steps, going from small subgoal to the ultimate goal
  5. Put it in a graph or on a piece of paper, to track your progress
  6. Take action, according to your plan
  7. Change the plan afterwards, when you feel it is absolutely necessary in order to be able to achieve your goals
  8. Stick with it and let your progress motivate you


Luck is all around us. Changing our life, by taking appropriate actions, will make some of that luck come to us. This will make us successful in whatever it is we want to do.
Love works the same way, if you don't open up, nothing can come your way.
To be successful, you need to set up a plan and stick with it to the end and
let your short-term goal progress motivate you to reach your long-term goal(s).