Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Declutter my life - part 3

Broken bonds

I got rid of some more items. Nothing special and unfortunately, nothing big either. But gone is gone. Another emotional bond broken. How I love this feeling...

I had some wooden sticks and a piece of wood laying around. I was going to make something with it, but I changed my mind. So this thaught me an important lesson:
Don't do today, what is not urgent. If you postpone it, you might be able to hold it off long enough untill it's not important anymore. Thus, the postponing will save you unimportant work.
Next time I want to do something, I'll see if it's important enough to do immediately. If it's not, I'll postpone it long enough to see whether it's still important or not.

It's comparable with wanting to buy something you're not sure you actually need. If you postpone the purchase, it'll become clear that you actually don't need it, thus saving you money by postponing. Postponing is a good tool. Just make sure you don't abuse it... some things are urgent... they have to be done and they make postponing still a possibility, but not an option.

Too much stuff

I also had some books that I probably won't be able to sell anyway, so I gave them to my mother. She knows someone that can use it.

I still feel I have too much stuff though. Probably because I do. I still have toys from when I was little. They still need to be sold. I have some board games I never play (anymore)... Yes, there is much room for improvement.

I also have other items that are already on sale, but so far there have been no interested parties. I'll keep it online until after my vacation in july, after that I'll give or throw it away.

I also have a mexican hat. I used it last year on a festival. It's a cool hat. But the only time I use it is on a festival. So I already found a solution for it: I'm gonna ditch it at said festival. More info on that later...

Put them in sight

All the items I don't need anymore, are not in my room. They're in a small attic. This is good, because than they are not in the way. This is bad, because you might forget about them, if you don't see them. But that's where I use the following trick:
Find some items you want to get rid off
Put them in the way (so they take up valuable space)
Put them online for sale

Now if the items aren't being sold in a month, you'll be annoyed with that stuff being in the way and taking up valuable space. This will motivate you to take more action to get rid of it. If it can't be sold, give it away. If you can't find someone who needs it, throw it away. You'll want it gone as quickly as possible.


Decluttering has become somewhat of a hobby that's entwined with my new simple lifestyle.
There will be a day, when I can truely say,
that the items that I own, are all I really need.
It will be a day, where all my belongings will fit in my small Daewoo Kalos.
But today... today is not that day (yet).
Thank you for listening.
You have been a terrific audience.