Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Declutter my life - part 4

Loosing track

The more items you get rid of, the harder it becomes to see what can still be thrown away. This does not sound logical, because less items means less items to think about. But the main problem lies in the fact that most of the things I still have left, can be easily put in boxes out of sight. This way, the room looks clean and minimalistic.
To make it easier to find new items to get rid of, I'm gonna make a list of everything I own. This way, I just have to review the list without having to look at the items themselves. And it'll make me aware of the amount of things I own.

The list

  1. computer
  2. flatscreen
  3. another flatscreen
  4. laptop
  5. computer table
  6. mouse
  7. keyboard
  8. cheap keyboard
  9. desk chair
  10. bed
  11. alarm clock
  12. desk light
  13. cd movie collection
  14. some music cd's
  15. box of items of questionable legality
  16. item 1 of questionable legality
  17. item 2 of questionable legality
  18. musical keyboard
  19. elektric guitar
  20. guitar amp
  21. guitar cable
  22. another guitar cable
  23. distortion pedal
  24. 5 mouth harmonicas
  25. irish thin whistle in D
  26. amp wired to computer
  27. 2 big speakers
  28. small wooden drawing box
  29. big wooden drawing box
  30. a little sack to put in your school supplies (pen, pensils, ...)
  31. a paper hole cutter
  32. a block of little square note papers
  33. a katana
  34. eskrima sticks
  35. 2 wooden sticks (that will become tonfas one day)
  36. a rope dart
  37. a hockey stick
  38. a billiard cue
  39. a night closeth
  40. a big wooden trunk
  41. 8 Shaman King pocket mangas
  42. a pan flute
  43. a smaller pan flute
  44. a golden chinese rat horoscope keychain
  45. a car (Daewoo Kalos)
  46. all kid paddle comic books
  47. empty classifiers
  48. 2 classifiers that hold my important papers
  49. the flemish flag
  50. a home-made pirate flag
  51. a fluorescent safety vest
  52. home-made geta
List date: 2010-06-30

This list is temporary, I still have more items to add!