Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking for a place to live - part 1b

Detailed costs of living in an RV

I just made a calculation about what it would cost, to stay for 3 months in a camping.
I took the fees of, a good camping in the North of Spain, as an example.
If you go outside the high season, you have to pay the following fees:

Motorhome: 13 euro
Person: 6.40 euro
Elektricity: 4.20 euro

If I recall correctly, that would be the only expenses you need.
If we add this up, we get a total of 23.80 bucks per day.
3 months is approximately 92 days (I count 2 months of 31 days and 1 of 30 days).
If you stay longer than 7 days on the camping, you get 50% discount.
So in total we got:
23.80 x 92 = 2189.6
With 50% discount, this becomes: 2189.6/2 = 1094.8.
This is the total for 3 months, which makes for a total of
1094.8/3 = 364.93 euro per month (446.02 USD).

I don't know about other countries that well, but that's a heck of a lot cheaper than renting or buying a house in Belgium.

You also need the propane thanks, so it's a good idea to round this number up to 400 euro/month (488.88 USD). That's still cheap. And the standard of living is a little bit lower in Spain, than it is in Belgium, so you'll save some more money while staying there too.

Moving abroad

This excercise also showed me a new angle on motorhome living. It can be used for another purpose too: as a temporary living place, in case you want to go live abroad.
It will give you several options:
  1. You can live in the new country, without having to buy a house immediately.
  2. You can visit family and friends, without bothering them too much.

In regards to the first option

This allows you to find out what it's like to live permanently there. If you decide, during your stay, that you don't like it after all, you just start the motorhome and your on your way again. It's a good way to explore different areas or countries, so you can find the perfect place to spend the rest of your life.

In regards to the second option

You can visit relatives, without the need for them to provide you with a place to spend the night. You have your home and accomodations with you.


Living in an RV remains an interesting option, that I'm going to investigate even further. I'll also look and write about other options, but for now, it's one option that available and it appears cheap enough to support a lifestyle of extreme early retirement.