Monday, June 7, 2010

Two types of businessmen

Two mentalities

The way I see it, there are two types of businessmen (or women):
A The salesman that can sell almost anything he wants
B The man behind the screen, who's good with money and knows how to make the right decisions

Type A

The first type will generally be more extrovert. They know what to say and will stop at nothing to convince others of their beliefs, if they need to. They are people of action. They like to take action and they like to experience action.

Type B

This type can be both extrovert and introvert, but because they are thinkers, I'm more inclined to say that most of them are introverts. They know how to handle money and they know how to make good decisions. They make strategic decisions and think ahead. They are planners. Failing to plan, is planning to fail, in their book.

Type A and early retirement

Looking at this type in terms of early retirement, they can get the money they need, whenever they want to. If they lack money, they'll sell something. If they have nothing to sell, they'll buy something and sell it with a profit. This is a good skill.
There is a small problem with their mentality, in terms of the early retirement, though. Because they like action, they'll try to get it in their free time too. This can be in many forms, but a lot of them cost money. They might like computer games, skiing or snowboarding, paintball, carting, or other hobbies with a lot of action. And most of these high action hobbies, cost money.
They like to live in the moment. If they need money, they can get money. But they'd rather use it, then save it. If there's a person with an early retirement mindset, who also falls under this cathegory, we have a clear winner. It would be a person who can get there and he can get there fast. Unfortunately, most of them do not have the early retirement mindset.

Type B and early retirement

These people are not that good at getting the money they need to reach early retirement. But they will take their time to become good. They will make a plan and try to stick with it, unless circumstances require them to make plan-changing decisions. In terms of early retirement, they will take their time to set up a system, that let's the money gradually come their way. Certainty is more important than quick results. Those who have the early retirement mindset, can get there. It'll take longer for them to come up with the money, but with careful planning and making the right decisions, it will happen.

The last of the coffee table

Remember that coffee table I was going to get rid of? This gives me a good example for these two mentalities. I consider myself to be of type B. I can't sell things, I'm not good at it and I don't really care much about getting good at it. It's just not my thing.
My brother, on the other hand, is a very good salesperson. He likes to sell stuff and he often succeeds in making a profit.
So what did I do to get rid of the coffee table? Nothing, I told my brother to sell it. He actually sells most of the stuff I want to get rid of. That means it's less trouble for me, more chances of actually getting it sold and for what he earns, I split it 50/50. All I have to do is take pictures and give it to him. It's a win-win situation.

Final notes

I talked about two types of businessmen. These types are what I believe to be true. They are not facts, but my personal view on the matter, perceived through observation of both professional salesmen and company bosses I have had. It doesn't matter what type you belong to, if you are aming for early retirement (or even extreme early retirement), both types can get there. All it takes, is to know your qualities and use them to your advantage.