Friday, April 15, 2011

Dual screen to single monitor - end results

Do I really need a second monitor?
Today it's friday and as I mentioned in the previous post, I was doing a little experiment this week to try and figure out if I really needed a second monitor. Without a second monitor, my computer desk wouldn't need to be as big. As I'm trying to be a minimalist, that would save me a lot of space and it would create more empty space in my room. Minimalists like empty space. At least I do.

End of the experiment...
I turned of my right monitor for an entire week, to see if I would miss it. It wasn't a big problem, the first days of the week, until it all came tumbeling down. One of my hobbies is buying and selling stocks on the stock market. And that would be one of the things where a second monitor is very handy.
I need to have a graph open on the left screen and work with my calculation applications on the right screen. Having them both visible at the same time, is very convenient.
Or maybe not?
But somehow, I don't feel like I've given it my best shot. It's not like I'm a daytrader who needs to do things quickly on the stock market. So I'm going to do the experiment again, but this time I'll decouple the monitor and put it away. This will help me resist temptation to turn the monitor on so quickly, because I "think I" need it. I'll let you know how that goes by the end of next week.
Non conformity experiments
This whole experimenting concept has given me an idea though. I actually do this a lot, little experiments to find better or different ways to do something.
If someone claims to have a better way of doing something, no matter how weird it may seem, if his explanation sounds reasonable, I'll try it out. Only after testing it, then I'll judge when necessary. This mentality hasn't failed me yet.
And I'm going to write about some of those tests I've successfully completed, that changed my habits or mentality in such a way, that those habits or that mentality are no longer conform the standards of Western society.
So stay tuned and read all about that in the upcoming posts...