Monday, April 4, 2011

Eliminate Unnecessary Bad Feelings

Being a minimalist, is a way to become a better person in general. To become a better person, there are more things you can do, not always related to minimalism per se. So today I would like to give you an interesting thought that can save you and the people around you a whole lot of misery: "Do not be affraid to admit your mistakes."

Let me give an example:
Suppose you say something without giving it much thought and whatever comes out of your mouth is something that should not have come out. You made a mistake which hurts the person you said it to or perhaps someone else... Do not wait too long to admit your mistake, explain what you did wrong and truthfully apologize.

And the faster you do it, the better. It will save you and the other person a whole lot of time feeling miserable for nothing. Just try it the next time you make a mistake, you won't regret it.