Sunday, April 3, 2011

Minimalist wardrobe - part 1

I have too many clothes
On my journey towards minimalism, there is one path I have skipped so far... my wardrobe. I still live at home, so when it comes to washing clothes I have it easy. My mother does those things. And when clothes seem to be worn down, she tells me that it's time to buy new clothes.
This is a problem. Why? My mother is not a minimalist and does not fully understand it or at least she doesn't see it the way I see it. Therefore, my wardrobe is not a minimalist wardrobe, making that an area of my life that needs improvement.
So this weekend, I took out all my clothes and put them in stacks per kind of clothing. It was time to catalogue everything. The goal of this is the following:
I want my wardrobe to reflect my minimalistic lifestyle.

That means 3 things:
1. I need to know exactly what I need for clothing
2. old clothes need to be purged
3. full control of all items that go in my closeth and a "one in, one out" system has to be implemented

Gaining full control
I notified my mother that from now on, everything regarding my clothes will be under my command. She sometimes buys something I need when she sees it on sale. This is no longer an option. I will decide everything from now on.
I will also implement a "one in, one out" system after I minimalized my wardrobe. For each new piece of clothing that enters my closeth, the most worn down one must leave my closeth (and my life).

Making an inventory
I'm currently making an inventory of all clothes I have. Each number will be written down. Those numbers will be matched with numbers I have yet to decide. Those numbers will represent the amount of items that suffice in a minimalist wardrobe.
I'll post more on this later.
The first thing I'm doing right now, is purging old clothes.

Getting rid of old clothes
I was shocked today, to see how much clothes I seem to have. I never really paid any attention to this. And the results are terrifying for someone who strives to become a minimalist: already 2 bags of clothes that are ready to be given away and I'm still not done.

Control every aspect of your life. Keep everything in sight. Some say expressions such as "a place for everything and everything in it's place". I see what they mean by that...
But giving every item its place, is impossible if you have more items than storage space. And right now, my amount of clothes make it impossible to give it all a proper place in my closeth. So I know what I'll be doing in the next weekends...