Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Returning home to simplicity

Today I experienced a new kind of feeling, related to my journey towards a minimalist lifestyle... I was working on an assignment at work (one that I don't like) and for that assignment I need to work on very messy systems in software that can show unexpected behaviour.

During all that work, I suddenly thought about home. A place where I continue to purge unnecessary items, where already most of it has been eliminated. A simpler place, where everything has it's place. Where mostly functiontional items are what remain.

And I was happy. Happy to know that I could return home after a long day of annoying work... to a place of simplicity, peacefulness and serenity.

Do you have a nice and simple place to come home to? If not, it's worth creating one... even if it's just one room in an entire house. You won't regret it.