Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Experiment: Learning catalan

Learning catalan

I've currently started another experiment. I'm going to try to learn as much catalan as possible within the coming year. I use the website http://www.parla.cat to learn, along with the philosiphy explained at http://www.ajatt.org which is all about immersion.

I already now quite a bit of Spanish and I learnt French in school. The catalan language lies somewhere between those two languages, so I understand a lot of it when I see catalan text. The main problem is understanding it when they speak it (they have different rules regarding pronunciation than in Spanish) and to be able to speak it myself. Next year, I'm going on a vacation to catalonia (I've been there several times before), so I'll be able to test what I've learnt.
We'll see how far I get and I'll let you know.

For informational purpose I'll summarize the details:
experiment: learning as much catalan as possible within the next year
start: june 2011
tools: computer, online radio, mp3-player, podcasts, youtube, parla.cat, ...