Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Experiment: Do we really need shampoo?

Questioning the need for soap and shampoo
The time had finally arrived to start the new experiment. No longer shall I be using shampoo or soap. Why on earth would I question this? Well, I got the idea from here.

As I already mentioned in one of my previous posts, if I read about something or if someone tells me something and they give reasonable arguments (even if they go against the norm), I'll try it out. And if it serves my purpose or I clearly see the benefits outweigh the downsides, I'll keep doing it.
By experimenting like this, you can really improve all aspects of your life. Even those you never thought needed improving.
I'm writing about this experiment, because other people where interested in knowing how it goes for me. It seems a bit hobo-like or nasty to not use soap or shampoo, but you should really read the blog post I linked to and for extra clarification, I'll explain in detail what this is all about...

The experiment started last Friday, on July 8th 2011.
I stopped using shampoo and soap to wash myself.
I DID NOT stop washing myself all together... that would make me very dirty and smelly. I simply stop using chemical products to clean up.
I wash my hair with water, scrubbing hard to make everything as clean as possible.
This includes both head hair and beard (I have a fairly large beard that I used to wash with shampoo too).
Same thing for my body.
I'll still be using deodorant, because I do not think it's related.
I will still be washing my hands with soap, after a visit to the toilet though. This is strictly for hygienic purposes.

I'm just curious what the consequences will be. Soap does not have to be expensive, you can buy big bottles and only use as much as you need. So it's not to save money.
I'm just curious to see what the natural reactions of your body and hair will do to an absence of chemical products.
I sometimes have a lot of dandruff. I've figured out that this happens when I don't wash may hair after 2 days and also when I use certain kinds of shampoo.
The biggest problem here is not the head hair, but my beard.
So I would like to see if the natural oils of your hair will solve this problem permanently.
Another annoying problem I experience sometimes, is a greasy nose. Washing it extra hard with a lot of soap doesn't help. Here, the natural response of my skin to the new conditions, might also be a permanent solution.
But most of all, I'm just curious to see what happens. I read positive reactions on this experiment from other people, so why not give it a shot? If it doesn't work out, I can still switch back to using shampoo and/or soap. But for now, the experiment is still going.

Findings so far
So I've been doing this experiment for about a week now. What are my findings so far?
  • There is a difference in softness of the hair, when you don't use shampoo. The hair is a little bit firmer.
  • There's supposed to be a transition period, where your hair may get greasy. That transition period hasn't kicked in yet as far as I know. My hair still looks good.
  • I had dandruff this morning, before I took a shower. For now, that problem is still there. But after the shower (with only water!), the dandruff was mostly gone. So at first sight, it looks like you don't need special shampoo's to get rid of it. But I have learnt in the last years, that the wrong kind of shampoo CAN make it worse!
I haven't noticed much yet, but the experiment seems to be going well. My hair still looks good, feels good and I remain interested to see what happens next...